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I Choose Peace!

Even in the modern world in which we live, peace still seems quite illusive. Although men and women long to be at peace with themselves and others around them, most struggle with finding the tranquility they desire. At the end of the day, many of us may wonder if we will ever be able to experience peaceful lives and harmonious interpersonal relationships this side of Heaven. The great news is God s peace is always available to us! As you read this book from the I Choose series, you will find that peace is first and foremost a choice your choice, and my choice. In addition, you will discover that there are specific guidelines found in Scripture that can assist you in your daily decision-making. I Choose Peace! provides stories, specific strategies, and questions to reflect upon in this journey toward experiencing a more tranquil, peace-filled life one that can truly leave a legacy for others to follow.

Here are a few questions that I Choose Peace! will answer:

  • Is peace possible in our world today? If so, how can I find it?
  • How can I deal with painful parts of my past that are interfering with my ability to live a peaceful life in the here and now?
  • Are there strategies I can implement in relating to people who don t want to interact in harmonious ways, even those who seem to be intent upon creating conflict?
  • Can my choices about living more peacefully have a positive impact on my family, friends, colleagues, and others in my community? If so, how?