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Who We Are



  1. ENCOURAGE : to encourage men and women to develop a close, personal relationship with God and each other.
  2. SUPPORT : to support individuals, couples, and families as they strive to attain personal and professional balance in their lives.
  3. EDUCATE : to educate people though books, resources, and other materials as they strive to deepen their faith.


Our mission focuses on John 10:10



Steve and Rebecca Wilke met for the first time in the 1970s. Little did they know that after three decades of life’s ups and downs, they’d be leading several businesses, writing books, and devoting their lives to “people helping” in their respective careers. They created Sonkist Ministries to specifically support individuals, couples, and families as they strive to deepen their faith and live to their fullest potential.

As the clinical director of the Family Counseling Center and principal founder at LEADon, Inc., Steve has dedicated his life to helping people improve their personal and professional experiences. His practical approach appeals to individuals who want to make meaningful changes in their lives. Rebecca is a career teacher, educational consultant, and author. In addition, Steve and Rebecca have served as media consultants on radio and television. They have also hosted their own radio talk show, The Counseling Connection.

Drs. Wilke have authored and co-authored numerous books, including:

The Sacred Search Conversation Guide with Gary Thomas


Straight Line for Parents: 9 Strategies for Raising Exceptional Kids


New Beginnings: Devotions to Develop the Greatest Romance


Corporate Family Matters: Creating and Developing Organizational Dynasties

The Leading Edge: 9 Strategies for Improving Internal and Intentional Leadership

Dealing with Depression: Hope & Healing for a Brighter Future


Answers to Anxiety: A Prescription for Peace

Women of God: How the Lord Uses Ordinary Women in Extraordinary Ways


Steve and Rebecca provide workshops, seminars, keynotes, and executive and management consulting to profit and non-profit businesses, churches, and schools on a regular basis. Whether leadership skill sets, parenting strategies, or marital advice, their seminars are always fun, interactive, and informative. Many of their principle-based materials can also be found on their websites and blogs.

As native San Diegans, Steve and Rebecca love the beach, mountains, and desert. Their greatest joy has been raising their two sons, Ryan and Jared-both of whom are following in their parents’ footsteps as people-helpers in psychological ministries. The Wilkes enjoy spending time with family and friends as well as traveling and speaking nationally and internationally. You can reach Drs. Wilke here or at -or view them online at their youtube channel.

Pastor Mark Wilke

Mark Wilke, MA in Biblical Studies, is the Director of Pastoral Care and Support at Sonkist Ministries. Over the last 30 years, Mark has served as both associate and lead pastor in several churches in the United States. In addition to these leadership roles, his ministry experience includes para-church nonprofit work, music and worship, and international ministries specializing in encouraging Pastors.

Because of his experience ministering to others, Mark has a heart for supporting Pastors in their own personal and professional lives as they serve their communities. He also has a passion for pastoring all people by nurturing their spiritual lives according to God’s Word. His current ministry is in “deep East Texas” at Carpenter’s Way Church where he has led, preached, and taught for the past ten years. We are privileged to have Pastor Mark join the team at Sonkist Ministries!