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I Choose Faith!

Don’t stop reading just because you see the word “Faith”! The truth is that everyone, everywhere, has faith in something or someone, yet not everybody grasps the critical nature of what they choose to believe. Your beliefs do make a difference now, but more importantly, for all eternity!

I Choose Faith! will help you understand that faith is first and foremost a choice—your choice, and my choice. You’ll read about the faith journey of many people, looking specifically at what the Bible has to say about this important topic. You will be able to discover the amazing ways faith can help you find more contentment here and now. And, you will also find incredible peace about what the future can hold for you.

I Choose Faith! is for anyone who finds themselves in one of these groups:

  • If you are someone who thinks you aren’t a person of faith. You actually have a lot more faith than you realize.
  • If you’ve trusted in God in the past, but now are not sure. This book will confirm that you’ve got a good foundation to keep building your faith upon.
  • If you are a person of great faith, you will be encouraged about your own beliefs. You will also discover new ways to share your faith with others.