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I Choose Hope!

Throughout human history, hope has always seemed essential but also somewhat elusive. We know that we need hope to survive—and even thrive—but how do we get it, and keep it? More importantly, what is the best source upon which we can build a foundation of hope?

In this fifth book of the I Choose! series, the reality of hope and the answer about where to find confident hope will be confirmed. Indeed, based on events throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, your author experienced firsthand how God offers hope and help, even during the most difficult seasons of life. I Choose Hope! will reveal how you can tap into this vital resource of support too. You’ll be able to understand more about personal optimism and how you can foster a more hopeful, positive outlook. You will take a close look at the importance of persistence while learning about people in Scripture whose experiences provide proof that developing a deeper faith in God can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

As you read this book, you will quickly realize that hope is a choice. My choice. Your choice. Indeed, hope is something God offers us each and every day, and its powerful impact will transform you in more ways than you may have ever thought possible.

Here are a few questions that I Choose Hope! will answer:

  • How can I trust that God will provide the hope I need to survive today and in the future?
  • What specific steps can I take to develop a more hopeful outlook?
  • What personal impact will optimistic people have on how I feel, think and act?
  • Are there specific verses in the Bible that will encourage my hopeful development?
  • How can improving my level of hope affect my family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and others with whom I interact?

Rebecca Lynn Wilke, EdD, has been a teacher, professor and educational consultant for over thirty years, but she believes her marriage to her husband, Steve, and their family are her most important accomplishments. Dr. Wilke has authored numerous books and enjoys sharing her experiences with others through her work at LEADon, Inc. and Sonkist Ministries.