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Corporate Family Matters

Every business whether it’s comprised of two or two thousand people – is a corporate family. Men and women in our professional families also behave in surprisingly similar ways to our personal families. Leaders who guide the corporate family are looked up to like parents, while all employees experience varying degrees of sibling rivalry. And many of the stresses, strains, and secrets in our companies are often due to family history and dysfunction. Helping leaders discover this unique professional perspective is the main objective of Corporate Family Matters: Creating & Developing Organizational Dynasties. Anyone can own a business, but exceptional leaders understand their most valuable asset is people. Productivity and profitability will increase when leaders and their teams build strong family ties that leave a lasting legacy. Here are a few questions that Corporate Family Matters will answer: 1. Can addressing corporate family secrets impact the bottom line? 2. Does accountability in my business include parenting my corporate family members? 3. In my corporate family, does sibling rivalry take away from profitability? 4. Do generational groups in my organization distract our corporate family from meeting the objectives of our business plan? 5. How do mergers and acquisitions create a blended corporate family?