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Straight Lines For Parents

Parenting is all about Straight Lines and there are specific strategies parents can implement that will greatly enhance their effectiveness in raising their children. Not just any children but exceptional children! Straight Line Strategies are more important than ever for parents living in the 21st century. Our society is in the midst of major cultural shifts, which can negatively impact parenting if intentional effort isn’t made to follow specific guidelines for success. Helping parents discover these practical Straight Lines to raise motivated, caring and competent children who exceed expectations is the goal of Straight Lines for Parents: 9 Strategies for Raising Exceptional Kids. These strategies are simple and straightforward and they will strengthen your parenting skill sets. You can raise exceptional children, and there’s no better time to start this critical parenting journey than today! Here are a few questions that Straight Lines for Parents will answer: Why are the Three Pillars of Faith, Family and Education so critical to exceptional parenting? How can we develop Relational Equity that will increase the potential for raising exceptional kids? Are there ways to help our children become more Self-Disciplined so we don’t have to spend so much time disciplining them? How does exceptional parenting impact this and future generations? How can we become an expert in our children so we can guide their educational experiences? How will the concepts of Scholarship and Inoculation help kids become exceptional?